Michal Menet is the starting center at Penn State. People always talk about how important quarterback play is and how much it matters.

While true, imagine having a good QB, but a terrible center. The offensive line wouldn’t be as good, which would make the signal caller’s job that much harder.

The center touches the ball on literally every play. A quarterback? Not necessarily true.

At Penn State, Menet is the man that starts it all — whether that’s the play itself or the offensive line that helps dictate what the offense can do each and every Saturday. Menet is a redshirt junior.

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If he wanted to, he could make the jump to the NFL after this season. He made his decision already, and on Tuesday, made his announcement:

Menet is coming back. He’s going nowhere.

As he put it, “I am not ready for my time with this football family to end yet.”