Penn State is gearing up to play Iowa Saturday night at Kinnick Stadium.

Many are looking forward to a prime-time matchup featuring two top 20 teams as Penn State enters ranked No. 10, while Iowa is at No. 17. However, the Nittany Lions had to deal with a bit of drama this past week.

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The drama didn’t come from Penn State or its players, though. It came from someone who attended Penn State a long time ago. He sent a derogatory letter to Jonathan Sutherland, mentioning how his hair is awful, not attractive and how he should represent Penn State better.

Nobody took this well, obviously. Penn State has since issued multiple statements regarding the matter.

Going back to the Iowa matchup Saturday night — Penn State DB Lamont Wade warmed up in a t-shirt certainly backing his teammates, coach and school:

The shirt reads, “Chains, Tattoos, Dreads, & WE ARE.”

Again, this is undoubtedly in response to the demeaning letter. Penn State may be a tighter group than ever before thanks to what it has endured.