Two of the most prominent players on Penn State’s roster are still frustrated with the B1G’s decision. They’re probably not alone, either.

On Saturday night, as Central Arkansas and Austin Peay were getting ready to open the 2020 college football season, Freiermuth fired off a tweet indicating his frustration with the B1G and it’s decision to postpone college football. Clifford back him up.

“Soo why can everyone but the Big Ten and Pac-12 play?” Freiermuth wrote on Twitter. Clifford chimed in “I second that.”

Earlier in the offseason, several Penn State players flooded Twitter with the hashtag #IWantToPlay in an attempt to steer the B1G away from postponing or canceling fall football. Obviously, that didn’t work. On Aug. 11, the B1G became the first Power 5 conference to back out of a fall schedule, with the Pac-12 f ollowing suit.

The MAC and Mountain West were the first two leagues at the FBS level to cancel the fall season.

Frustration isn’t just coming from Penn State players. Also on Saturday, Wisconsin players Faion Hicks, Eric Burrell and Adam Bay all took to Twitter to vent, as well.

Despite players, parents and coaches all clamoring for the B1G to reverse course and reinstate the fall football season, B1G commissioner Kevin Warren has said the conference will not revisit its decision. It will shoot for a spring season instead, or possibly starting up in late fall.

Currently, six conferences at the FBS level plan to move forward with fall football.