If you love the NFL, the show Hard Knocks — put on by HBO — is a show you are familiar with.

This season, Hard Knocks is with the Oakland Raiders and the circus that is going on out west. Of course, it’s must-see television if you are into that sort of thing. Well, a Hard Knocks-style of show may be coming to college football as well.

And, it may be coming this season:

Nothing is confirmed yet, although it seems like according to Devils Digest’s tweet, Arizona State is going to be featured. The other schools in talks are Washington State, Alabama and Penn State. The Nittany Lions, with James Franklin, would certainly be an interesting watch.

Of course, Nick Saban at Bama and Mike Leach at Washington State would be entertainment as well.

The whole idea is certainly interesting, and if Penn State confirms that it will be a part of the show this season, we’ll be sure to tell you.

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Penn State’s 2019 season kicks off on Aug. 31 at home against Idaho.