This past weekend, a massive Big Ten game took place. Penn State hosted Michigan, and in front of over 100,000 screaming fans all decked out in white, the Nittany Lions defeated the Wolverines 28-21.

Was officiating an issue? Well, isn’t it always nowadays when it comes to a close game?

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Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh certainly thought so. He talked about the officiating after the game. He wasn’t happy about it, to keep it short.

On Tuesday, when Penn State’s James Franklin spoke with the media, he wasn’t going to talk about the officiating like Harbaugh did. In fact, he appeared to take a subtle jab at Harbaugh’s officiating comments:

“The thing I’m not going to do, is I’m not going to come in here and, after a game, talk about penalties and the impact that they have on a game,” Franklin said. “The officials have a very tough job to do. Each week, there’s gonna be calls our opponent doesn’t like and there’s gonna be calls that we don’t like. I’m gonna handle it through the process that the Big Ten has to be able to communicate one-on-one. But I’m not gonna come into a press conference — I haven’t really done that in six years. I’m going to try to avoid doing that and be respectful of the process and of the officials. But also, I think it sends the wrong message to my team. I’m not going to come in and talk about calls or officials.”
He isn’t going to come in and talk about calls or officials. He wouldn’t do that.
Harbaugh, however, would. Franklin knows that. He’s not oblivious.