Trace McSorley may be the toughest quarterback in the country.

McSorley played his last game with the Nittany Lions in the Citrus Bowl, but his day was almost cut short due to injury. Initial reports during the game against Kentucky indicated McSorley sustained a broken foot. That report has not been confirmed.

Regardless of the true nature of the injury, McSorley was determined to return to action and finish the game, which he did. Despite playing injured, McSorley was able to pull Penn State close in the second half of Tuesday’s 27-24 loss.

After the game, head coach James Franklin discussed McSorley’s injury. He did not directly say whether or not it truly was a broken foot, but he admitted that some of the injury specifics “got out there.”

“We don’t typically get into specifics (about injury),” said Franklin. “I know it got out there. Obviously, Trace was experiencing some discomfort. Doctors felt like he could go, but it reallyjust came down to Trace, how Trace felt.”

Falling just short in the game has to leave a sour taste with the Nittany Lions. However, McSorley should be proud of his performance, especially as he dealt with an injury throughout the second half.