Jeff Brohm is currently the coach at Purdue.

His name had gotten massive buzz during the regular season for other coaching positions across the country, and Louisville — his alma mater — is the one vacancy that seemed to be a perfect fit. On Wednesday, that fit didn’t seem to be all that perfect.

Brohm declined the position at Louisville to stay at Purdue.

This of course left Cardinals fans upset and Boilermakers fans thrilled. Circling back to before Brohm played collegiately at Louisville, the offensive guru played high school football at Louisville Trinity High School.

On Thursday, the day after Brohm declined the position at Louisville, the high school had its classes canceled due to a threat turned into the police. The threat itself was that the school was going to be burned down “due to Jeff Brohm deciding to remain at Purdue.”

Fans are called fanatics for a reason. Some of them are right-minded. Others?

Not so much.