Purdue is riding some momentum of sorts following a comeback win against Iowa in Week 1.

This week, the Boilermakers head on the road to take on Illinois. Purdue unveiled a slick road look. Both teams, including the Illini, will be sporting some bold looks heading into this matchup.

At first glance, there’s a whole lot of gold going on here. Whether it’s the gold helmets and pants along with the gold trim on the numbers. It’s a nice look and provides a little color to a uniform set that mainly focuses on black and white.

Purdue’s color scheme is much more toned down compared to Big Ten West rival Illinois, which is sporting a lot of bright orange.

While the uniform battle might be close, it’s tough not to pick Purdue when it comes to the actual game on the field. The Boilermaker offense looked solid while Illinois floundered in Week 1 against Wisconsin.

Saturday’s kickoff is set for 12 pm EST on BTN.