Rutgers has been a takeaway machine in the first half, forcing Nebraska into three turnovers in the game.

The Scarlet Knights forced two early fumbles to get the action rolling, including one on a crazy mid-air play against Adrian Martinez. The Huskers quarterback landed awkwardly after fumbling but was okay to carry on.

Then in the second quarter, it was an interception by Christian Izien Jr. that put an end to one Nebraska drive that appeared destined for six. Martinez and the Huskers were rolling down the field and into the red zone when Izien struck.

Martinez was looking for the end zone and completely overlooked Izien sitting in coverage. He never located the defensive back patrolling the end zone with Izien going up to snag the pass with one hand.

Nebraska was trying to build on its slim 7-6 lead, but Izien’s interception changed all of that. Rutgers went down to score on the ensuing possession and added a two-point conversion to make it 14-7, Scarlet Knights.