Wisconsin’s injuries are piling up in the Badgers’ matchup with Illinois on Saturday. The loss of several starters has been enough to help the Illini build a 34-10 lead over Wisconsin in the fourth quarter.

The Badgers entered the game already down starting TE Clay Cundiff, who suffered a leg injury against Ohio State and is out for the season. Hayden Rucci, Cundiff’s replacement, was helped off the field after suffering an apparent leg injury.

The injury woes continued on the Badger side in the first half as RB Isaac Guerendo went down hard on a kickoff and needed to be helped off the field. Guerendo previously fumbled the ball, leading to a recovery by Illinois on the 16-yard line during one of his returns.

Within a span of 4 plays, the Badgers also lost Keontez Lewis, who went down with a horrible lower leg injury. Lewis needed to be carted off the field when his leg and knee bent the wrong way after being hit by an Illini defender.

Hopefully, these Badgers check out okay after the game but losing both players would be a big blow to go with the big loss.