Apparently Nick Saban is afraid of what Colin Cowherd has to say. So much so, in fact, that he’s changing Alabama’s future schedules to appease the radio host.

That’s the case, at least according to Cowherd.

Recently, Alabama and Wisconsin scheduled a home-and-home series for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, playing one game in Madison and another in Tuscaloosa. The head-to-head matchups were scheduled shortly after Cowherd ripped Saban and the Tide for scheduling weak non-conference games.

Now, Cowherd is taking credit for the B1G-SEC showdown. Here’s what he had to say on his radio show on Wednesday:

So, Nick Saban, ‘I don’t listen to the critics.’ Really? So a week ago I blasted Alabama. I said the reason you’re struggling to sell out your games, even though you’re winning all your football games, is this garbage home schedule you give your fans — it’s garbage.

Three or four times a year they play Panera Bread and Roast Beef Tech and Alabama students are like ‘I’m not paying top dollar for this — I’m not waiting for the Auburn game, I’m not waiting for the Georgia game.’ It’s garbage.

So a day later, Alabama does something they haven’t done in six years. They scheduled a home-and-home with Wisconsin. Oh, interesting. They don’t hear though. Nick never hears anything. Alabama is shrinking their stadium this year — shrinking the capacity. Why? Because kids don’t want to go even though they win. Because fans want to be entertained. It’s not entertaining beating Citadel 58-8.

Alabama’s non-conference schedule has typically been reserved for home games against Group of 5 or FCS opponents. The Tide has scheduled neutral site games against Power 5 opponents regularly, but those games are typically in Dallas, Atlanta or Orlando. It’s been awhile since Bama has left the South for a non-conference game.

It’ll happen in a few years. But it’s probably not because Cowherd ripped Saban and his crew.