Wisconsin defeated Wake Forest 42-28 in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl on Wednesday, but it was the fans who really lost.

That’s because the Badgers failed to meet the expectations of the ESPN broadcast by drenching coach Paul Chryst with a bucket of mayonnaise in the game’s final moments.

Perhaps that’s on the broadcast for getting fans’ hopes up. Maybe it’s Oklahoma State’s fault for setting the precedent by tossing a bucket of Cheez-Its on Mike Gundy after the Cowboys’ win in that bowl game this week.

But regardless, the fact remains that Chryst was drenched in what appeared to be water after the win, and not a big ol’ bucket of mayonnaise. Disappointing:

As for the game itself, the Badgers rolled in the second half thanks to four straight interceptions by Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman.

After falling behind 14-0, Wisconsin battled back to tie the game at half time. Thanks to those turnovers, the Badgers ended up with a comfortable with.

That means Wisconsin ends the 2020 campaign with a 4-3 record — not bad considering the difficulties the Badgers had with COVID-19 and injuries throughout the season.