Joshua Perry was a stud linebacker at Ohio State from 2012-15.

He racked up 296 total tackles, showing that he could play his position well. In the 2016 NFL Draft, he was selected in the fourth round.

A few years later, Perry made the switch from playing football to talking about football. He is now an analyst at Big Ten Network.

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And after watching Wisconsin absolutely demolish Michigan on Saturday, he made a pretty strong statement:

Wisconsin has been incredibly dominant so far in 2019. But, so has Ohio State. And for Perry to not stay true to home and just say good things about how great the Buckeyes have been shows that he is willing to keep his bias aside.

We all are biased in one way or another, but to be a good analyst, you have to learn to not lead with that. Perry, here, is sticking with the Badgers’ defense. Not the Buckeyes.

The two teams are scheduled to face each other this season on Oct. 26.