Which team in college football has the best throwback uniforms?

Is it Wisconsin? Your head probably didn’t immediately go there, but maybe the biggest Badger fans of them all would think of UW.

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This season, the Badgers are indeed bringing a throwback look back to the field. In particular, it’s for the game against Northwestern on Sept. 28.

Take a look:

The video is pretty sweet and the uniforms are… interesting? Some will love the look, others will hate it. That’s always the case.

It should be noted, too, that the uniforms here are sponsored by Under Armour. On Tuesday morning, it was revealed that Northwestern has a new throwback uniform in its disposal:

Again, the game Wisconsin is wearing its uniforms for is the game against Northwestern. The jerseys shown above (Northwestern) are sponsored by Under Armour and are throwbacks as well.

Could this be the look of the game on Sept. 28? Northwestern confirmed that yes, it will be:

A link to several teams’ uniforms by Under Armour can be found below (both Wisconsin and Northwestern’s are in the link):