Terrence Shannon Jr. is taking Brad Underwood’s recent comments in stride.

Following the upset loss to Penn State, Underwood was extremely critical of his team’s efforts. The head coach noted the team is having issues with the consistency of effort displayed and said there are issues with the leadership of the players at this point in the season.

Underwood was even directly asked about Shannon’s leadership, a player whom the head coach has praised at times since transferring in from Texas Tech. On Saturday, Underwood opted for a response without words, instead using a simple fart noise to answer the question.

If those remarks are bothering Shannon, he isn’t letting it show. Shannon took to Twitter and called Underwood “the best coach in the country.” Shannon also said the head coach is “going to get the best out of his players at all times.”

Whether or not fans like Underwood’s style, it sure looks like his players are handling it in stride.