The race for the starting quarterback spot at Indiana is not necessarily any clearer as of Monday.

Head coach Tom Allen met with reporters following practice to discuss a number of things. As to be expected, it didn’t take long for the quarterback battle to come up.

The Hoosiers entered camp with a three-way battle between returning starter Peyton Ramsey, Michael Penix Jr., and newcomer Jack Tuttle. Of the three, Allen has mentioned Ramsey having a slight advantage due to his being a returning starter, but Tuttle has shown off his arm at times in camp.

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When discussing the battle after a weekend scrimmage, Allen admitted that the decision is not necessarily any clearer. The problem is that all three guys played well:

“It’s almost harder than ever because I think all three of them played pretty well,” said Allen. “It’s still open. We just have to keep on going and find a way to separate them a little bit. I don’t know that Saturday made it any easier or clarified anything at all.”

Allen did go on to admit that it is a good problem for the team to have:

“I want to have a lot of good options,” Allen explained.

It is good that all three are playing well, but hopefully, one guy does separate himself a little bit moving forward. Be sure to check out all of Allen’s comments, courtesy of