Saquon Barkley isn’t your typical college kid. That much is obvious.

Barkley’s name has already been linked to the Heisman Trophy and the NFL draft after just two seasons in State College.

So unlike most college kids, Barkley and a few Penn State teammates got a unique experience during spring break. He, Marcus Allen, Mark Allen and DaeSean Hamilton all took a trip to Orlando, where they got to work out with NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott.

“It was really cool, actually,” Barkley said. “It was really cool working out with Dak Prescott and just talking to him and see the knowledge that he knows from the game and what he learned in his first year, especially being on a team with guys like Dez (Bryant) and (Ezekiel Elliott).”

They made the trip with the intention of working out at a facility in Orlando. It was only upon arrival that they were told that Prescott and other NFL players would be in attendance.

They raved about the experience, adding that Prescott taught them how to train and prepare like professionals.

“I gained a lot,” Barkley said. “Obviously his system is different than our system and what the Cowboys do is not what we do on offense. But basically, how to be a leader, how to lead a team, how to come to practice every single day and how to be a pro pretty much.

“Obviously I’m still in college, but if you can be a pro about your body and be a pro about how you approach practice and try to become a leader, overall you’ll become a better player.”

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Marcus Allen said that he took “everything” away from the trip, and that Prescott shared some off off-the-field wisdom, as well.

In a way, Prescott and the Lions are in similar positions. Both greatly exceeded expectations in 2016 and are now generating all sorts of buzz heading into 2017. Handling success and building off it is the Lions’ focus this offseason.

Penn State’s spring game is set for April 22 at 3 p.m. ET on Big Ten Network.