Penn State is taking on Iowa Saturday night and in the third quarter, Penn State owns a 7-6 lead.

Prior to the game, the Nittany Lions wanted to show some support for teammate Jonathan Sutherland, who received a demeaning letter from a person who attended Penn State many years ago.

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He sent a derogatory letter to Sutherland, mentioning how his hair is awful, not attractive and how he should represent Penn State better.

Nobody took this well, obviously. Penn State has since issued multiple statements regarding the matter.

Going back to the Iowa matchup Saturday night — here’s Wade’s warm-up t-shirt:

Soon after his shirt was seen, Penn State actually confiscated the shirt. Why?

The school gave a statement:

“While we are supportive of our students expressing themselves in a thoughtful manner, they are expected to wear team-issued apparel on game day. We asked our students to remove the shirts out of an abundance of caution for NCAA compliance.”

A few players were wearing the shirts and Penn State appears to want to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to the NCAA.