Penn State had a special walk-on come to visit named Chad Powers. However, Powers was in fact two-time Super Bowl champion, Eli Manning.

Although Powers didn’t make the team in the walk-on tryouts, he left a big impact on the team.

Manning, who had on makeup, long hair and a goatee, worked with college students as he got some strange looks from the students, players, and coaches. Only head coach James Franklin was in on the undercover assignment of Omaha Productions.

Some of Power’s best moments in Penn State’s workouts include throwing the ball, running a 5.49-second 40-yard dash time, and not getting injured.

Penn State is now selling t-shirts and merchandise of the famous walk-on tryout quarterback, including the legendary quotes he gave. The Nittany Lions also announced that $15 from every sale of a Chad Powers t-shirt will provide financial help to the run-ons at Penn State.