Jim Harbaugh has had an interesting 2023 to say the least.

After the announcement on Harbaugh’s suspension on Friday, it has been a crazy year for the Michigan head coach. Things started back in January with very few breaks throughout the year.

Harbaugh is set to be suspended for the rest of the regular season. Michigan has Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State left on the schedule.


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Here’s how the year went for Michigan and Harbaugh:

Dead period recruiting allegations

It all started on Jan. 5 after the NCAA received a draft of allegations such as contacting recruits during Covid-19 dead periods and an off-field analyst being included in on-field activities.

Infractions case falls apart

Later that month Harbaugh refused to acknowledge that he had misled or lied to NCAA investigators, which derailed an infractions case.

Matt Weiss fired

Michigan then fired Matt Weiss on Jan. 20 after the assistant didn’t attend a meeting to discuss potential unauthorized access to computer accounts assigned to people in December of last year.

Shemy Schembechler resigns

The next few months were quiet until May. Bo Schembechler’s son Shemy resigned as assistant of football recruiting just three days after taking the job. Schembechler “liked” racially-insensitive posts on Twitter.

Harbaugh’s false statements may lead to suspension

It was reported in July that the NCAA and Michigan were looking into a 4-game suspension for Harbaugh as part of a resolution to the infractions case.

NCAA links Harbaugh to dead period contact with recruits

Reports came out in August that the resolution between Harbaugh and the NCAA enforcement staff was not approved by the NCAA. NCAA vice president of hearing operations Derrick Crawford released a statement saying that the infractions case was linked to “impermissible contact and off-campus recruiting during the Covid-19 dead period.”

Michigan issues self-imposed suspension to Harbaugh

Michigan imposed a 3-game suspension for Harbaugh later that month following an unsuccessful attempt at coming to a resolution with the NCAA.

Jim Harbaugh’s return to sidelines

Harbaugh eventually returned to the sidelines on Sept. 23 against Rutgers. The Wolverines won 31-7 in Ann Arbor.

Sign-stealing allegations by NCAA

The NCAA received notice of allegations of sign-stealing in the Michigan program on Oct. 18. Connor Stalions, an ex-Michigan analyst who has since resigned, was identified as the center of the NCAA’s investigation.

Connor Stalions ticket purchases

ESPN reported on Oct. 23 that Stalions bought tickets in his name for more than 30 games at 11 B1G schools as part of his sign-stealing operation.

Former Division III coach involved in Stalions scandal

Later that month a former Division III coach said that Stalions paid him “a couple hundred dollars” and gave him a ticket to go to a Michigan home game and record the signals of future Michigan opponents.

Central Michigan investigates possible Stalions appearance

On Oct. 31, pictures started circulating of someone who looked like Stalions on the sidelines of Central Michigan’s game on Sept. 1 against Michigan State. It remains unclear whether or not it was Stalions who appeared on the sidelines.

B1G coaches call for action from Tony Petitti

In November, there was a call with B1G commissioner Tony Petitti and other coaches in the conference who detailed frustrations with the sign-stealing investigation. They urged Petitti to act immediately.

Santa Ono asks for due process

Michigan president Santa Ono sent an email to Petitti on Nov. 2 asking the commissioner to let due process run its course.

Connor Stalions steps down

Stalions officially resigned on Nov. 3. He had previously been suspended with pay by the program.

NCAA notifies Michigan of discipline on the way

Cut to three days later, as the B1G notified Michigan there could be disciplinary action.

Jim Harbaugh suspended for remainder of regular season

Then there was the most recent chapter on Friday with Harbaugh being suspended for the remainder of the 2023 regular season. Michigan released a statement later in the day saying it will seek a court order to stop the punishment.